The next Math Energy meeting will take place on April 17th. Registration will take place in the Alumni Lounge in the MLK Union at 7:30AM. This meeting is different because it actually a conference. The 55th Annual Conference on the Teaching of Mathematics Innovations to be exact.

The Schedule for the conference is as follows:

  • Registration — 7:30am  (Alumni Lounge)
  • Session 1  — 8:30am (Third Floor, East Wing)
  • Break — 9:30am
  • Session 2 — 9:40am (Third Floor, East Wing)
  • Break — 10:40am
  • Session 3 — 10:50am (Third Floor, East Wing)
  • Luncheon and Keynote Address — Noon (Grand Ballroom)

Math Energy has been asked  for volunteers to help escort guests around the MLK union. If anyone is interested please contact Dr. Andrew M. White at before April 16th.

Also Math Energy is looking for new members for next Fall’s executive board. Applications are on the Executive Board Tab


Feel free to join us in Old Main room 3010 on April 23rd at 7pm for Pizza and Drinks to find out about the positions and apply. Positions that are available for Fall are Treasurer, Fundraising, Tutoring, and Membership.

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