Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM)

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

As a member of ICTM:

  • You receive the Illinois Mathematics Teacher Journal
  • You receive the ICTM Bulletin
  • You become a member of an organization working to improve mathematics education
  • You have an opportunity to hear, meet and know leaders in mathematics education

If you choose to join NCTM you receive all of the things listed above, but you choose to receive the Teaching Children Mathematics Journal or other journals.

Membership fees: ICTM $20.00 per year and NCTM $39.00 per year
To join both ICTM and NCTM separate checks are needed for each organization.

If you want professional organization credit you must give your completed ICTM or NCTM membership application form and check to the ICTM/NCTM Representative at any Math Energy meeting or deliver it to the Math Energy mailbox in the Mathematics Department, Old Main 331. If you send your application in yourself, Math Energy cannot provide documentation for you. (If you accidentally already mailed your check, please contact a Math Energy officer.)

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